Your Vacation Soundtrack

There’s a side of Honolulu you have yet to hear.

It’s called Jawaiian, and it’s a genre of music. Hawaiians have borrowed reggae elements (you’ll home in on those immediately), but the melodies and harmonies are distinctly Hawaiian. The Shoreline Hotel Waikiki plays the tunes from bands like Mana’o Company, Anuhea, and Sashamon in the open-air, light-infused lobby. It’s relaxing. It’s transporting. It’s hypnotizing. It is a breath of fresh, Pacific air.

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c/o Hellocanuto
c/o Hellocanuto
c/o @lovelyindeed
c/o @lovelyindeed

Similar to the Jawaiian playing, the Shoreline is a mash-up of styles: modern yet truly Hawaiian, mastered by designer Anthony Laurino. The tropics are filtered through a 1970s lens, as if using an Instagram filter. Abstract art vaguely resembles objet des tropicale, but it’s left to interpretation. Wooden mobiles flutter in the breeze. The Danish designer, Hans J. Wegner gets a nod with his circa 1960s-designed wingback chairs in the rooms.

c/o Lovelyindeed
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The linens are soft and fine. And while those are nice touch, the private lanais are even nicer. The simplicity of the rooms is the key: It seems to suck the clutter from your mind. In its place, Jawaiian happiness. Ukuleles. Ocean.

Beaches and the shops of luxury Kalakaua Avenue are within walking distance. But you can’t leave without ordering the Jawaiian wings with homemade hot sauce or jerk rib-eye with corn fritters from Jawaiian Irie Jerk, located a couple of miles from the hotel.

Before you arrive, get in the mood with some more Jawaiian music: Three Plus, Ekolu, and Ka’ena.