Where’s Waldo: South Beach Edition

English illustrator Martin Handford published the first of his beloved Where’s Waldo books nearly three decades ago. We know Waldo well: red-striped shirt, red-striped hat, amid a dizzying sea of people in landscapes that range from amusement parks to grocery stores. And we all find him, sooner or later, some with more ease than others. But after all these years, we have to wonder: Where would this world-class chameleon go if he had his say?

Our bet? On holiday to Miami’s South Beach, and specifically The Hall—prettier than a picture, and like nothing the neighborhood has seen before. Located in the famed Art Deco District, one block from the ocean, with a 5,000-square-foot backyard built for play, this boutique hotel is sure to draw the best and brightest, the most creative and most fun. And it looks like our modern Waldo-ette got a head start.

Can you find her in these three scenes? Hint: She wouldn’t be caught dead in Waldo’s original pom beanie… Sooo 1986!

whereswaldoSouth Beach has been called the American Riviera, with its white sand, clear blue water, and colorful characters.

whereswaldo2Ocean Drive is known for its exuberant Art Deco architecture.

whereswaldo3Wynwood Walls is a mecca for artists to showcase their large-scale works, and for art admirers to frolic out of doors.

Laura Callaghan is an Irish illustrator living in South East London. Her work has been featured in NYLON, Refinery29, and elsewhere. See more on Instagram.