Vintage Desert Shops

 In an artists’ district, you can shop for one-of-a-kind gifts. 

Like many arts districts nationwide, the 1930-era Roosevelt Row neighborhood holds special Friday events. On those evenings, the “doors” of the 20-foot shipping container, known as Hot Box, clatter open. Passersby can’t help but be drawn in. In fact, the gallery has been so successful that it may soon be joined by two other shipping containers, adding to the area’s 27 galleries.

Roosevelt Row photo walk in September 2011.

If this doesn’t paint you a funky, mural-splattered picture of RoRo, as it is affectionately named, these other stops might:

MADE is short for “Made in Phoenix,” and that sums up the ethos of this shop that represents 100 or so artists and their functional pieces. In creative hands, everyday things, like kitchenware, jewelry, and coasters, go rogue… in a good way.

Clothing sleuths will find racks to sift through in a block of N. 6th Street where shops Annie Boomer and Cellar Door neighbor each other. While Annie Boomer stocks pretty clothing from different decades, the Cellar Door’s merch is more casual, with the majority of the T-shirts from band tours. A hop away is artist-run GROWop. It has its share of vintage but also carries succulent planters, artsy postcards, and other trinkets.


If you or anyone on your list is into curiosity cabinets (and the skulls, bones, and pinned insects they contain), Curious Nature will be a feast. Vintage taxidermy is ready to buy for that special someone.