Urban Secrets

Here’s what’s making us happy this week…

A different kind of shop. Within the Wolfsonian Museum-FIU is the Dynamo Shop & Cafe, named after the Edison Bipolar Dynamo generator in the entryway. It’s filled with unusual bric-a-brac like children’s blocks with presidential faces, banned books, and design-obsessed items. A fashion designer kit, for example, lets you dress your own mannequin. The museum itself collects objects from the height of the Industrial Revolution to the end of the World War II.

Hide and go eat. The AOL building in Palo Alto has one door that’s not employees only. Beet Café, tucked away inside, serves up Turkish coffee and sandwiches with an Eastern European flair. Think shawarmas (pita pockets stuffed with chicken or lamb and veggies) and pirozhki (pastry dough stuffed with beef and cabbage).

shawarma lamb beefPhoto by Basheer Tome via Flickr

Downward dog just got a recall. Hello, butterfly pose: butt on the ground, knees out, soles of feet together—and real butterflies swirling around you. Scottsdale’s Butterfly Wonderland hosts “Yoga in the Rainforest” twice a month. The one-hour Vinyasa flow class will have you in virabhadrasana (warrior pose) and tadasana (mountain pose) while vibrant sapphire Morpho peleides butterflies float by. Maximum serenity achieved.

???????????????????????????????Photo courtesy of Butterfly Wonderland

Out-of-the-garage bands. The garage band is so ’90s. Now there’s the rooftop bar duo, the beachside babe, and the poolside rock star. At least that’s the case for the Good Measure Tour, which sets out to give indie music fans a one-of-a-kind, intimate show in unexpected locations, set to the tune of local up-and-comers.

view from the roof

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