Throwback for July

So this is what a pool party in 1932 looked like, at least as interpreted by the editors at Ladies Home Journal.

The cloche topped most ladies’ heads that season. The fabulous one-piecer is not only on the women but on the men. When is that vintage style going to be revived for males? Notice there are no cocktails as props in this magazine layout; it was during Prohibition, which ended the following year, at the end of 1933.

Ladies Home Journal, Courtesy of George Eastman House

Founded in 1868 with a pair of swans, The Lincoln Park Zoo next purchased a bear cub in 1874 for $10. Unfortunately, new bears soon learned how to climb the walls and roam the park. We’re positive that, today, the habitats are secure and that the Zoo prohibits their minders from smoking a pipe while feeding them. Now, just like then, though, the Zoo remains free.

Zookeeper feeding bears at Lincoln Park Zoo in 1900, Courtesy of Illinois Urban Landscapes Project