The Silicon Valley Work-ation

It’s official: Silicon Valley is the new Hollywood, and it now has its uniquely styled bungalows.

Think of Sunnyvale’s Wild Palms Hotel as a way to trick yourself into a mini-vacation, while, of course, plugging in. Yes, you may have come for work—the tech giants rule down here—but the lemon-yellow hotel is like arriving at a European country inn.

Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 4.54.39 PM

Guests mingle and two-thumb-text-it in the courtyards, which feature several potted namesakes. Terra cotta floors, blue-tiled mosaics, colorfully striped awnings, and rattan furnishings give the lobby and room a breezy vibe—a quiet corner in a buzzy place where the future is being made. Wild Palms does California bungalow style influenced by Silicon Valley, with Wi-Fi, iHome docking stations, a touch-screen business center, and FaceTime meetings poolside.

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Let’s talk more about the workation, which may or may not be expensed, and which may or may not include the family (either way, the dent to your Apple Pay is small). When the day of pitching and scrumming ends, the saltwater pool is heated; the hot tub, even warmer; the cabanas, minimally private and transporting. The SV touch extends to a meeting room, which spills out to the pool for a work powwow à la tropicana.

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Plus, the El Camino Real locale opens onto a world of cuisine. You can hop to Northern India and Pakistan for spicy papad (lentil wafers), or choose Persian koobideh (beef) kababs with mint-spiced doogh, a yogurt drink. Or go “back East,” for a slice. Or, you can Door Dash it from your SV bungalow. Then, drift to sleep under your billowy gender-neutral (so not girly) bed canopy. Calm dot com.