The Most Magical Mani/Pedi

Mojo is a pretty ephemeral thing. You either have it or you don’t. Mojo Spa’s got it, not just in spades but in every color of the rainbow. The nail salon in Chicago’s Wicker Park stocks up on so many colors you’ll suspect unicorns and leprechauns take care of inventory. But this place is so much more than a quickie nail job: It’s heaven for hands and feet looking for hydration and repair. The products are made right here on site, such as the savior Finger Fluff Cuticle Butter.

You might want to come early to roam the territory. It’ll soon become evident that this isn’t your average corner shop. Mojo is a nail salon tucked inside a Willie Wonka cosmetic formulation factory. Roughly 350 products are hand pumped out of the glittery palace, some of which deal with your hands and toes but many of which go beyond the extremities, into the realm of eyes, cheeks, legs and elbows.

Ingredients are top-shelf, with real fruits, vegetables, and herbs blended into the lotions, serums, and magic potions. A majority are cheekily named such as Unicorn Poop soap (we thought so!) and Light a Fire Under My Ass candle. The gemstone collection is gorgeous. Not only do they seem to catch the light, but they use oils that are meant to rebalance your spirit, like Garnet Gemstone Luxury Soap (shown), which opens your heart and bestow self-confidence and self-empowerment. So very Gooplike.



14-b-mojo-chicago-best-nail-salonAbove Photos Courtesy Mojo Spa and Featured Photo Courtesy of Flickr/Katie Burry