The Most Famous Waters in Baltimore

Filmmaker John Waters is a household name among the LGBTQ community, thanks to his portrayals of American life through characters like the late 300-pound actor Divine who dressed in drag. 

Courtesy Marianne Boesky Gallery

The Baltimore native gets even more love from his hometown, which will hold the first ever retrospective.“Indecent Exposure” at Baltimore Museum of Art gathers over 160 photographs, sculptures, sound works and videos that he’s made since the 1990s.

Courtesy Sprüth Magers Gallery

As is the Waters trademark, there’s certainly plenty to shock and to contemplate. In a photography installation, Waters explores the absurdities of famous films, their directors, and actors. In another, his sculptures and photographs use humor to humanize dark moments in history from the Kennedy assassination to 9/11. His earlier films will be shown in peep-show format.

Indecent Exposure opens October 7th and ends in January.