It’s About time for a Drink… No Really—It’s About Time

One of the best bars in town, The Interval is also in one of the last places you’d think to find a serious cocktail program. After all, it’s housed in the Fort Mason headquarters of the geekily cool Long Now Foundation, which is dedicated to promoting long-term thinking.

One of the keys to The Interval’s success is the ability of the Long Now board—which includes intellectual heavyweights Stewart Brand and Brian Eno and Kevin Kelly—to lure the likes of sci-fi writer Neal Stephenson to drop in for a talk. Another, however, is the participation of bartender extraordinaire Jennifer Colliau. Says the Long Now’s executive director, Alexander Rose: “When I realized I needed to hire a beverage director, I called my friends Adam Rogers [author of Proof: The Science of Booze] and Lance Winters [master distiller at St. George Spirits] for recommendations. They both said, ‘The person you want is Jennifer Colliau—she’s worked with historical cocktails, and loves to chase that kind of thing down. But you’re not going to get her.’ So I very easily knew that my only task was to get her.” (Reader: he did.)

As you’re waiting for your Old-Fashioned, look up: Hanging above the bar are dozens of bubble-shaped bottles. “They’re part of a special distillation project that we use as a fund-raiser,” Rose explains. “It started with gin. We have a property in eastern Nevada where we hand pick juniper berries, which St. George turns into gin and bottles. Donors can come in, we get their bottle down and make them a cocktail with it—or they can drink it straight.” In addition to the gin, there’s whiskey available too. Email to reserve your own special bottle.


Photo Courtesy of Catherine Borgeson


Photo Courtesy of Because We Can

Neal Stephenson book signing at The Interval bar

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Photo Courtesy of the Long Now Foundation


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Photo Courtesy of Because We Can


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