The Hunger Game

A new website is giving plenty of airtime to grilled cheese sandwiches, pizzas, and burgers.

Food is the new star, worshipped near and far—from your plate to the TV screen. Channels like The Food Network and Bravo have amassed record viewers who watch the intense culinary adventures of frying eggs, bottling hot sauce, and food-truck hopping around the globe. A new channel is now airing in beta on your device: Salted TV, a membership-based online cooking school… with a twist.

Salted chef gallery copy

A digital library of titles ranges from one-off instructionals, like grilling a burger, making clam chowder, and pickling vegetables; to complete immersions—a frying-chicken master class, mastering brunch, and a Mexican-cooking boot camp.

Now for that twist. The burger instructor is Los Angeles’ very own Korean taco king, Roy Choi. The man behind pickling is Chicago chef Paul Virant, a James Beard nominee who kills it in the kitchen of Perennial Virant and who wrote the book on preserving vegetables and fruits, The Preservation Kitchen.

Salted TV’s digital lessons, filmed in the chefs’ kitchens, are categorized by ingredient, type of cuisine, and recipe. It’s like going to culinary school secondhand.

Salted Grilled Chicken
Salted Grilled Crab

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