The Black Experience in New York

Where were the Black people? A simple question, prompted by a child, inspired Kamau Ware to fill in the missing pieces of New York City’s origin story. Now, three walking tours through his company Black Gotham seeks to inform and celebrate the impact of the African Diaspora on the Big Apple. 

Courtesy Black Gotham Experience/ Kenneth Dixon photos

The first in the trilogy of tours, the “Other Side of Wall Street,” starts in the year 1643 in Washington Square Park. Participants dive into Dutch colonial life of New Amsterdam and into The Land of Blacks, twice the size of SoHo today. “Sarah’s Fire” picks up in 1680, and “Caesar’s Rebellion” kicks off in 1712. Each is approximately 90-minutes long. 

Courtesy Black Gotham Experience/ James Anowai photo

Private tours are year round  ($30 per person with 12-guest minimum). Starting May 2nd, Black Gotham begins its public-tour season (thru November).

Courtesy Black Gotham Experience/ Brad Ogbonna photo

For those who can’t make a tour, join Black Gotham for a mixer every Nerdy Thursday at its Seaport BGX Studio. Or consider reading about black history in Manhattan. Black Gotham’s graphic novels retell the story. This spring expect two new tours (soon to be announced).