The Best Way To Drive California’s Highway 1

Many people navigate one of America’s most scenic roads, California Highway 1, with a rental. Some even pay extra to choose a convertible (a red one). Choices just got even better with the fleet at Monterey Touring Vehicles.

Courtesy Monterey Touring Vehicles/ Robbie McKay photos

Now you can joyride on one of the most scenic portions—from Monterey to Big Sur—in a DeLorean, the “Back to the Future” time-machine with gull-style doors. Pit stops would turn into a pleasurable diversion.

Courtesy Monterey Touring Vehicles/ Robbie McKay photos

Approximately 30 classic cars comprise the fleet; that means, if the DeLorean isn’t you, there are choices. Nothing says California hippie like the 1961 Volkswagen Samba Microbus with 23 windows; whereas you won’t be able to say much of anything when the pedal hits the metal on the 1957 356 Speedster Tribute Porsche, outfitted with a modern 1800cc engine.

Courtesy Monterey Touring Vehicles/ Robbie McKay photos

By the way, with backdrops varying from Pacific ocean and cliffs to lighthouses and bridges, this style road trip just blew up Instagram.

Prices start at around $200 for a half day. Cars are delivered with a full tank to your hotel (and picked up there, too).   

They say that it’s not the destination but the journey … in the 1938 Rolls-Royce Phantom III.