The All-You-Can-Eat Metropolis

Better not wear your skinny jeans for this monumentous food craziness.

How much pizza is too much pizza? Three slices? Four? Last year’s one million attendees of Taste of Chicago, an annual multi-day celebration of Windy City classics, ate 45,000 slices total. Maybe that doesn’t sound overly impressive. But consider that, along with the pizza, 20,000 churros and 35,000 slices of cheesecake met their maker, too. And that’s just the tip.

Taste of Chicago cityscapePhoto via Flickr

Chicago is a city of mouths wide open. What will happen for this year’s annual event in Grant Park? The Medical Attention Trailer is standing by for those that overindulge in the doughnuts, empanadas, ribs, burgers, pork sliders, rattlesnake sausage, corn fritters, clam strips, hot dogs, and gelato that goes down the gullet, alongside the sounds of Weezer and Erykah Badu. Here are a few stops to put on your list.

Sausageology is a hot topic, with Bobak’s schooling eaters in the Maxwell Street Polish, a pork-beef kielbasa combo topped with yellow mustard and grilled onions.

Deep dish is no light matter in Chicago pizza circles. This Taste weekend makes it easy for aficionados to pit the icons against each other; both Giordano’s and Lou Malnati’s will be represented. Which one is better?

Maxwell-Polish-Sandwich-6Photo courtesy of Bobak’s

Deep Dish 1Photo by Eric Chan via Flickr

The city, and the festival, isn’t all old-school flavors. Cross borders culinarily by tasting African, Korean, Cajun, and Garifuna. Gari whom? The latter is one of the cultures of Belize. Expect plantains and panades, a type of fish pie, from the Caribbean restaurant Garifuna Flava. Irie!

For dessert, hit up Spoon. Nope, not spoon-sized sweets. This is the Spoon, as in the band that performs “The Way We Get By.”

Taste of Chicago Aerial 1 (1)Title image via Flickr

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