Live From Chicago, It’s Saturday Night

A single 38-minute episode of “Saturday Night Live” took six days to create; we can only assume then that executive producer Lorne Michaels and cast and crew rested on the seventh day. Find out how the comedic process transpired from Monday through Saturday at Saturday Night Live: The Experience, an exhibit at Chicago’s Museum of Broadcast.

Visitors can step into the process by touring the Michaels’ office, the writers room, the control room, and the set of Studio 8H in Rockefeller Center. Each has been replicated. Now isn’t that special? Dana Carvey’s The Church Lady outfit is displayed alongside Steve Martin’s favorite honky costume, King Tut.

Memories will be triggered and visitors propelled into catchy tunes—dare you not to when you come upon the “Dick in a Box” prop. You can sit on the couch of “Wayne’s World” basement set; spin in the anchor seat at the Weekend Update set; and stand behind the “Jeopardy” lectern. These are only a few of the 500 artifacts on display from a show that premiered 43 years ago. Tickets are $25, and Saturday Night Live: The Experience runs until December 2018.



Photo credits: Premier Exhibitions 

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