Shopping With Art Breaks… Or The Other Way Around?

Traditionally, we’ve liked to start our holiday shopping in SoHo, where we can, if overwhelmed by the commerce and the crowds, make a quick escape into two installations that hearken back to the neighborhood’s pre-gentrification days: Walter De Maria’s Earth Room and the Broken Kilometer. (We’d show you pictures, but the Dia Foundation has a love-hate relationship with publicity.) But now that the Whitney’s moved downtown, we’re going to change things up. This year, we’ll start with the art and then mix in a little shopping.

Fittingly, one of the big shows right now at the Whitney focuses on the painter Carmen Herrera, whose “hard edge abstraction” was a product of Manhattan in the 1950s, ‘60s, and ‘70s—just the time when Walter de Maria was incubating his SoHo pieces. Once you’ve sufficiently immersed yourself in the art, flip your internal switch back to “shopping” and head to the TK-floor museum store. There you’ll find a capsule collection of dresses, tops, and tees designed by Narciso Rodriguez and inspired by Herrera’s works. There—one more thing checked off your list.

whitney museum new york cityPhoto Courtesy of Karin Jobst

whitney museum new york cityPhoto Courtesy of Timothy Schenck


Featured Photo Courtesy of Ben Gancsos