Seis de Mayo and Every Other “Day After”

All you can remember about the night before is that chihuahuas were wearing sombreros.

Cinco de Mayo celebrates a famous battle in Puebla, where the underdog Mexican army won a skirmish against the French. Mostly, Mexicans and gringos stateside run with that, and, um, drink tequila, along with other oddball commemorations.

So after the Chihuahua Races of Chandler (20 miles from Scottsdale) have named the king and queen chihuahua (and the super-fit have finished the five-mile Cinco de Miler and are pounding piñatas and popping churros and beer at Chicago’s Soldier Field… and the music of the mariachis has died down at Zocalo restaurant in Sacramento… and the 100-plus tequilas and mezcals have all been tapped at Distrito…), then dawns Seis de Mayo. It’s not that dissimilar to July 5, January 1, and a handful of Sundays.


If you showed your love of the Mexicans’ win over the French too much, and you happen to be in Chicago, the Revive Hydration Clinic can help you battle hydration. The specialists will even bring the vitamin-infused therapy to your current resting point with its mobile services. These “hangover clinics” are popping up around the U.S. In Scottsdale, The Drip Room is the place to hang with others who are suffering—awaiting the Party Drip.

In San Francisco, the cure can go one of two ways. First, juicing. At the Ferry Building on Thursdays and Saturdays, Sow Juice makes Rx 2.0. On the other end of the spectrum, fill up with chilaquiles. The ones from La Palma are a great antidote.

Las-Palma_credit, Thomas HawkImage by Thomas Hawk via Flickr