Seismic Moments

The Earthquakes are killing it this season. And that’s a good thing for San Jose’s soccer team who, like all pro sports teams, are hoping to bring home a championship. In this case, the MLS Cup. During home games, the team takes on competition at Avaya Stadium near San Jose’s airport.

soccer players on field shoutingPhoto courtesy San Jose Earthquakes/Casey Valentine and Featured Photo Courtesy of John Todd

Although not everyone is a soccer fan, it’s a recommended outing. There’s something magical about twilight in the California outdoors with cheering fans, a sun setting, and a glut of food trucks at the ready. For those not quite feeling it, chant-leader Krazy George is gonna try hard to turn those frowns upside down. Others find good fun at the stadium’s TCL 4K Bar, the largest outdoor bar in North America at 310 linear feet. Also, there are those food trucks idling (about 10 show for games); and tailgating fun. The soccer season runs from March until October.

soccer fans waiting in line at food trucksPhoto courtesy San Jose Earthquakes