San Francisco’s Breakout Star

Day Wave is buzzing on the indie-rock scene and will play one exclusive show at the city’s most famous rock-‘n’-roll crash pad.

Here’s a question for the music obsessed: Has the San Francisco Bay Area seen a breakout indie rock artist since Green Day went mainstream? It must be destiny then that along comes another “day” musician—this one from Oakland—with an infectious just-released EP.


Day Wave’s five-track Headcase is riveting for its almost supernatural ability to capture a carefree time that we all get a crack at in life (unscheduled days, clove cigs, rainy summers, an open heart, and beginner’s missteps). Sure, the lyrics are personal to Day Wave’s Jackson Phillips. But these tunes speak to everyone. If lost innocence had a soundtrack, this would be it. Even better, it awakens a youthfulness that still lives in every adult.

Put another way: A Day Wave performance is the musical equivalent of a California road trip with your Jeep’s soft top down, not a care in the world, and nary a destination in mind.


He will be pit-stopping at the legendary Phoenix Hotel on August 4, as part of the Good Measure Tour. What better place to feel nostalgic than poolside with a group of friends (tickets are limited, so the crowd will be more intimate) while Day Wave performs?


Meanwhile, before the show, get in the mood with Day Wave’s tunes on SoundCloud, or with Phillips’ favorite made-in-the-Bay tunes on Spotify:

Lust for Life, Girls

“I love how this song feels so hopeless and so carefree at the same time. It’s the first song I heard from Girls, and it’s still my favorite.”


Mirror Monster,

“This is a rare type of song from Deerhoof. It’s very mellow, but still comes across with their normal levels of eccentricity and playfulness. To me, those are their best qualities.”


Wicked Game, Chris Isaak

“I’ve loved this song since I was a little kid, and it still holds up for me now. I think of the David Lynch film Wild at Heart every time I hear it.”


Longview, Green Day

Dookie was one of the first albums I ever bought. This song is one of my favorites off of it. It’s a timeless record.”


How’s It Gonna Be
, Third Eye Blind

“I think the first Third Eye Blind album is one of the best of late-nineties alternative rock. This song is my favorite. Sometimes I even notice Third Eye Blind melodies coming out when I’m writing a song.”




Made-in-the-Bay playlist photos courtesy of bands’ Facebook pages

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