A Taste of Miami

If you haven’t tried a jaboticaba, you really must get yourself down to Homestead.  

While most kids sell lemonade or homemade cookies, six-year-old Robert peddled cucumbers on the corner of the road by the family farm. His first day on the job, he sold nothing. The second day, he was sold out by noon, all thanks to a simple sign his father put up for passersby proclaiming, “Robert is here!”

Photo by Prasanth M J via Flickr
Photo by A. Drauglis via Flickr

The name stuck, and now almost 60 years later, Robert is Here has grown into a full-fledged shop. There are mangoes. And cucumbers are still sold. But Robert’s specialty is an array of rare tropical fruit you buy just to say you did (if you can pronounce them): egg fruits, jaboticabas, monsteras deliciosas, and mamey sapotes. Add to your bag of fruit, the delicious pumpkin and sweet potato butter.

Photo by gomagoti via Flickr
Photo by gabriel_alves via Flickr