Ready, Aim, Drink!

Near Pearl Harbor, there’s a museum you simply must see. 

Remember. Honor. Salute. Drink. That’s the motto of many, and of Brewseum. No, it’s not a museum about beer. It’s a World War II museum that serves beer. After paying your respects at nearby Pearl Harbor, pour down a few at the Brewseum. The gloriously kitschy 1940s-inspired beer hall was opened last summer by Glen Tomlinson, who has been running military-themed tours on O’ahu since 1991.


With the Brewseum, Tomlinson has a bunker (sort of) for more of the war memorabilia donated to him. The hybrid bar-museum pulls six local beers, including a must-try CoCoNut Porter from Maui Brewing Company. An impressive beer-can collection was donated by an American patriot (or, quite possibly, his spouse). Model planes twirl overhead. A 1942 Navy Jeep is a twist on the ordinary photobooth; it was once driven by Admiral Chester W. Nimitz. Don a World War II-issued steel helmet, climb in, click, then share.

Photos by Coty Gonzales at Exploration: Hawaii