The Oldest Floating Pizza Parlor in SF Settles Down

San Francisco pizza man Jon Darsky definitely marches to his own drumbeat. After helping to launch Flour + Water—the Mission District restaurant almost as famous for not kowtowing to Silicon Valley royalty as for its pizzas and pastas—Darsky quit in 2010 to pursue his own quixotic project: a mobile pizzeria. (Take one retired shipping container, replace its sides with glass, insert pizza oven, and voila!) Now, four years after his Pizza del Popolo truck hit the pavement, Darsky’s fans can stop obsessively checking Twitter to find out where he’ll be next. Yes, Darsky’s opened his own brick-and-mortar restaurant in Nob Hill. Del Popolo serves the same great black-speckled crust topped with the same silky mozzarella and the same tangy tomatoes, but indoors, with cloth napkins and interesting salads and a lovely little wine list. Though if the thrill for you is in the chase, not to worry—the mobile unit still roams the streets of San Francisco.

Matthew Millman #1 (resized)Photo Courtesy of Matthew Millman



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BI_Del_Popolo_J_Schell_38 (resized)Photos Courtesy of Joseph Schell


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