Palo Alto is for the Dogs

A four-legged tour of Silicon Valley’s heartland

The side streets of Palo Alto are downright bucolic, with avid gardeners’ output in evidence. It’s the place to stroll with your dog. You may even stumble upon the famed Hewlett-Packard garage, the “Birthplace of Silicon Valley,” at 367 Addison Avenue. No scent-marking the California Historical Landmark.


The bronze Gay Liberation (leading image) sculpture on Stanford University, along with its counterpart in New York City, has not been without controversy and vandalism. But you and your pup can show your pride for the George Segal artwork that commemorates the historic Stonewall Riots with a walk to it, on the campus’ main quad.

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Baylands Nature Preserve couldn’t be further away from the techie center of Palo Alto—not in distance, mind you, but in mentality. The almost 2,000 acres of salt marsh is a playground for birds, with plenty of trails and open space for the canine at heart, too. Leashes, please, and keep a close check on your dog in the cute-bird zones. In other words, don’t scare the curlews.