On Island Time

Hi everyone! George from Gent’s Lounge here.  I’m here to share my first Hawaiian vacation with you, with a few tips to help you make the most of yours. I chose Shoreline Hotel Waikiki as the home base. Located in the center of Waikiki, it’s a great starting point for anything you’re looking to do. Relax on the beach? Go shopping at your favorite stores? Try some great food? It’s all just a short walk away… which brings me to my first tip.

#1: Plan your trip

This may sound obvious, but hear me out. Most of the time, I’m the guy that just goes with the flow and likes to fly by the seat of his pants. I must say, though, that this is not the right approach in Hawaii. With so many places to see, planning ahead will ensure you don’t end up feeling like you’re missing out. For my trip, I Googled, Yelped, asked friends, and even reached out to our Instagram followers for help. It was the best thing I could have done. We were able to find some great hidden gems, and also decide which of the more touristy spots were right for us.

IMG_1564 copyx
#2: Ask the locals

They know best! My first night in Waikiki, I went to Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar to try their miso butterfish, recommended by a friend back home. While sitting at the bar waiting for a table, I met this local couple. After making small talk for a bit, I decided to run my itinerary by them. I told them I wanted to go snorkeling, jump off a big rock, and eat a lot of good food. My research had paid off!  Most of the spots on my list were recommended by my new friends as well, and they listed a few lesser-known spots to see around the areas I was already headed.

4zHeavenly Island Lifestyle, located next to Shoreline Hotel Waikiki

2xThe famous Dole Plantation


#3: Do something crazy

Hawaii is such a beautiful place, it can make people act a little nuts. And when you’re surrounded by picturesque scenes everywhere you turn, who can blame them? On my trip there were three “crazy” things on my list: hike a mountain, swim with sharks, and jump off a big rock. Because of time constraints, I only got to do one of the three, but I’d say I made the most of it! Plus, I’m coming back to check the last two off the list as soon as I can!


3xxxxCoconut Waikiki Hotel, Shoreline’s sister hotel next to the Ala Wai Canal

#4:  Explore the island

You could probably spend all of your time in Waikiki and have a wonderful vacation, but I urge you to explore the rest of the island, too. The North Shore is amazing, the Ko’Olina Lagoons are a must-see, and the center of the island has unparalleled views.

5xFresh poke at Honolulu’s Ono Seafood

4Byodo-In Temple at the foot of the Ko’olau Mountains


#5: Remember to relax

No matter how well you plan, the options can get to be a bit overwhelming. Don’t forget that you’re on vacation! Grab a Mai Tai and a beach towel, and enjoy it!

2qerGiovanni’s Aloha Shrimp food truck on the North Shore


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