Praying for (Purple) Rain

In the early part of last century, Oakland was a movie-going town. The Paramount, The Fox Oakland and Grand Lake theatres attest to this affinity. A hundred years later and Oakland still is a moving-going town. Not only can people still check out the latest releases or catch a live show at the grande Art Deco dames, they can sit down at the New Parkway Theater, which opened in the last five years.

The hybrid pub/movie venue is as quirky as the Uptown district it lives in, and as its neighbors The Fox and The Paramount.

It’s more like a community center that happens to have a screen. You can catch cult classics. Buy your ticket to shows like Purple Rain and The Big Lebowski and then sink into one of the vintage chairs or couches drinking a wine or beer sourced from within 200 miles. Or you can opt in on nights when they host bingo, karaoke, or mystery Mystery Science Theater 3000 (they don’t tell you which MST will be showing).