Where Monterey Gathers for a Coffee Break

The owners of Monterey’s Captain + Stoker are way into two wheels. Evidence is on the walls of couple Wendy and Peterson’s new cafe: a map that traces road-bike routes, and a 1970s tandem bike. Other bikes hang from the ceiling. A nod to bicycling is also in the name which refers to the two positions on a tandem.

exterior view of cafe with two people on a bike and a dog

And what of the coffee? If this is any indication … The couple sailed a 2.5-ton roaster from Hawaii, acquired two Rocket espresso machines from Italy, and tapped the best roasters and baristas in the industry, according to a story in Monterey Weekly. Not serious enough? Rumor has it that customers will also be able to choose varying degrees of milk for the coffee.

tattooed arm holding ceramic mug with latte

The renovated space, formerly a German sausage shop, now incorporates roll-up windows that face Jacks Park. Cue the sunshine and fresh ocean breezes. And mmm, smell the coffee.

night view of exterior of cafe

Captain + Stoker’s planned opening is April 22, 2018.


Photos Courtesy of Captain + Stoker