Fascinating Rhythms, Plus a Nightcap or Two

The Mid-Market neighborhood’s been called a lot of things in its time, but San Francisco’s jazz district? Bear with us. Two years ago, SFJAZZ moved into its spiffy new home a block from the Civic Center, which at the time seemed a bid to give jazz the sort of society cachet enjoyed by the symphony and the opera: opening nights and fundraising galas and sparkly gowns. But maybe the genre really had its eye on the new kids in town, the Twitterites and the Zendeskers and the Spotifiers. That seems to be the crowd that Jay Bordeleau, the owner of the new jazz club Mr. Tipple’s Recording Studio and its sister restaurant, Cadence, is going after—he’s giving the residents of the condos rising up all around a handy place to meet for cocktails (which are getting universally stellar reviews) or maybe a late dinner, along with music from a rotating cast of local musicians. After all, to have a real jazz scene, a city needs not just the visiting stars, but its working players too.



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Mr. Tipple's interior

Mr. Tipple's Well Done2

Photos courtesy of Mr. Tipple’s Recording Studio and Cadence