Messy, Unapologetic Ice Cream

What’s making us happy this week? These scoops are at the ready for National Ice Cream Day on July 19.

Better than ice cream. Forget what you know about ice and syrups. The latest in head-numbing frozen treats is shaved snow, a delicacy from Taiwan, where it is called xue hua bing. Milk, fruit, and water are frozen and then thinly shaved like ribbons into creamy goodness. Snow Dragon Shavery in Chicago’s Lincoln Park opened doors this past spring with green tea, black sesame, and watermelon shaved snow, among others, complete with toppings like strawberry boba. Really good news: It’s low-calorie!


Frozen cereal. Long before the new wave of artisan creameries were churning what was billed as innovative—cereal-flavored ice cream—there was The Frieze Ice Cream Factory‘s Grapenuts ‘n’ Raisins in Miami. The signature flavor weighs in with 16 percent butterfat (many premium brands average about 12 to 14 percent). For those after a brrrr version of Key lime pie, spoon into this Lincoln Street’s star ice cream version.


Spumoni found. It’s not quite time to close the carton for good on the Italian flag-waving dessert. After all, National Spumoni Day is August 21 (we’ve given you plenty of time to prepare). Although spumoni has had as many updates and upgrades as the iOS, the traditional combo is cherry, pistachio, and vanilla. Go straight to the Italians at Romolo’s in San Mateo in Silicon Valley, where the 40-year-old recipe is from Sicily. What’s in this wedge of yum is a closely guarded family secret.


A creamologist. Ready for a scoop of ice cream that requires special handling? Fresh ingredients at Creamistry are infused with liquid nitrogen. Poof. Shazam. Puffs of smoke, and that bowl of batter turns into a scoop. Part astronaut chow, part magic, part “give me that bowl so I can eat it.” Creamistry has locations throughout Orange County, with one opening in the Palm Springs area soon.

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