Let’s Hear It, New Orleans

Introducing musician, Dave Pomerleau:

As The Troubadour moves into the Big Easy, the team has linked up with one of their favorite New Orlean’s artists, Dave Pomerleau to get the good times rollin’. Dave is the bass player and vocalist with Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes and also is a writer of his own music. We figured Dave was the perfect person to provide us with a curated list of tunes to get the party started here at The Troubadour. Meet Dave, and have yourself a listen.

jsdnpromo_forweb-11Photo: Brandt Images

Where are you from? Are you a native New Orleans? Lakeview, native Nola.

What best describes your musical style? Bass oriented with vocal harmonies.

Where in New Orleans do you get your inspiration from? George Porter Jr., New Orleans rap and brass bands.

What’s your favorite local spot to catch a show? Blue Nile.

Okay, and lastly, odd ball New Orleans question: shrimp or oyster po’boy? Shrimp fa sho.

And there you have it, ya’ll. Give Dave’s go-to playlist a listen here, on The Troubadour’s Spotify playlist: