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Laughing as exercise. There’s only one requirement for the laughter-yoga club of Laguna Beach: Laugh! Be warned, though, that no one is going to tell a joke. But the act of laughing itself should get you started—even if you have to force it at first. It might even make your mood better, your immune system stronger, and your stress melt away. Laughter yoga happens every day on the main beach.



Photos: The Laughter Yoga Institute

The split personality of Dr. Seuss. The Cat in the Hat author, Dr. Seuss, aka Theodor Geisel, was a children’s illustrator and storyteller. Yes, we know that. But, hang on to your green eggs and ham. In addition to 44 books, Geisel also painted fine art of dazzling hues in outlandish settings, most of which are unknown to even die-hard fans. Opened in June 2014, the Art of Dr. Seuss Gallery in Chicago’s Water Tower Place, shows the approximately 90 works of both men—or, er, the one man. Whether it is Dr. Seuss or Geisel, the humor shines through. Geisel’s Unorthodox Taxidermy collection of sculptures features horns, beaks, and antlers of deceased animals from Massachusetts’ Springfield Zoo, where his father was superintendent of parks.

Photo: Dr. Seuss Gallery
Photo: Dr. Seuss Gallery
Photo: Dr. Seuss Gallery


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