La Dolce Vita

For the ultimately Italian evening, catch what may very well be the next Cinema Paradiso or L’Avventura or I Am Love at the Cinema Italy film festival , which runs October 8–11 at the Regal Cinema on Alton Road. We’re so getting tickets to the modern-day noir Non Essere Cattivo (Don’t Be Bad), the comedy Loro Chi? (Them Who?), the star-crossed Io Che Amo Solo Te (I Who Love Only You), and Lo Chiamavano Jeeg Robot (They Call Me Jeeg). Yes, that last one really is an Italian flick—just one that involves anime and superpowers and a gritty, far-from-romantic Rome. Then settle into a sidewalk table at one of the Lincoln Road Mall’s cafes, order an espresso or a Negroni, and watch the world go by, just like Marcello Mastroianni would do. Don’t forget your Persol shades, and—if possible, your own personal paparazzo.

io-che-amo-solo-te_posterPhotos Courtesy of Cinema Italy and Claudio Iannone