Kid-Proof San Francisco

The motor lodge hasn’t lost its appeal over the past half century, for with kids or adults.

When traveling with kids, most parents crave easy access to energy-burning entertainment, child-proof accommodations, and a little adult-friendly downtime nearby. In San Francisco’s Marina neighborhood, right near the Golden Gate Bridge, Hotel Del Sol is everyone’s fantasy, like a sun-kissed beach house in the heart of a city.

The brightly hued rooms of a soothing orange work a magic that makes the vacation feel like one long sleepover. This former motor lodge is the place that lets grown-ups play again, so much so that they might even let the kids take charge.



Here’s our guess on what might be on a 5-year-old’s checklist (and what an adult might be thinking):

1. Disney movies, Dumbo, Mickey (At the Walt Disney Family Museum; Bedknobs and Broomsticks? The Fox and the Hound?)


2. Ice cream (For breakfast? Is this good parenting?)


3. A shrieking bounce fest on the House of Air’s giant trampolines (Ibuprofen)


4. Ice cream (No way)


5. Penguins, fake earthquakes (At California Academy of Sciences, where they also have a living roof and cool stuff about the universe)


6. Afternoon milk and cookies (Sugar rush, never going to bed)


7. Pooooooool (Wait an hour after eating). Also worth knowing, snow cones and other treats have been known to be served poolside. The pool is heated, and there are floaty toys and hammocks strung between palm trees. (Possible to read a book or take a nap there?)


Now, where’s that babysitter?

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