It’s Time for Some “You” Time

Between foodie paradise and the Frisco Bay. 

You don’t need to be a diehard foodie to stay at Hotel Vitale, but it certainly does help. After all, you are fork-spearing distance from San Francisco’s Ferry Building Marketplace, a beacon to eaters. The historic ferry terminal—really, dozens upon dozens of kiosks selling anything from burritos to banh mi—is where many new chefs get their start, and where seasoned chefs have satellite projects. The farmers’ market, with an obscene amount of produce, rolls out three days a week (the big one is Saturday).

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The food might take top billing, but just beyond is the Bay, seen in grand, sweeping form from the rooftop deck of Hotel Vitale. However, each of the rooms has its own special shine-a-light-on-San-Francisco view.

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Vitale sparkles, entreating us to bask in the aroma of lavender (delivered fresh daily, with sprigs tucked behind guest doorplates), and to unwind in the rough limestone showers and baths. Or, if that doesn’t do the trick, try a spell of yoga or head to the spa, with rooftop soaking tubs in a private bamboo garden. All décor rings neutral purposely. It allows you to exhale.

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Twenty-four-hour room service comes from the Italian-Californian Americano restaurant, which has an outdoor patio that attracts locals. Salads are fresh; sausage, pizzas, and pasta made in-house; and breakfasts creative. You might see cinnamon doughnuts dipped in crème fraîche. It’s not just the heart and soul that needs tending to while in San Francisco, but the stomach.
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