It’s Been A Long Time Coming…


… but San Francisco’s answer to Eataly, China Live, is finally open…at least, part of it is, and here’s what you need to know.

china live san francisco

Open now:

Market Restaurant: Think upscale cafeteria, with no reservations for the big, blocky elm tables and bar seating surrounding the eight cooking stations, so you can watch the chefs at work. Doing what, you ask? Everything from roasting pork in a charcoal-fueled earthen oven to pan-frying potstickers in big iron pans. Open for lunch and dinner.

Oolong Café: Artisanal teas from China (coffee too), and lighter snacks. Don’t miss the classic blue-flow tiles painted with Oakland’s signature cranes. No, not the birds, the port equipment.

Bar Central: Go-to bar guy Duggan McDonnell has come up with cocktails that bow to the history of the Chinese community in San Francisco: the Gold Mountain (rye, cognac, and poppy liqueur), and Shanghai Kelly’s Bad Bad Pisco Punch (Pisco, Falernum, and gunpowder green tea).

Marketplace: Housewares and pantry items.

Coming soon(ish):

Eight Tables by George Chen: Tasting menus, of course.

china live san francisco

Photos Courtesy of China Live