It’s a Zoo for the Coffee Bean

Witness the magic behind the Kona caffeine fix at this new Waikiki center.

There’s nothing mysterious about the picking, roasting, or cupping of coffee—at least not at The Honolulu Coffee Experience Center in Waikiki. Nearly everything at this 9,000-square-foot facility, which opened just this October, is transparent. That’s how Honolulu Coffee, which has been in the Kona coffee biz since 1992, wanted it. It’s for those who wished for a Kona experience, but can’t make it to the Big Island (where the coffee is grown).

The vintage cast-iron roaster is a centerpiece in the room.


What the heck is a cupping room? You can find out here, because glass walls surround it. Within it, coffees are evaluated and baristas are trained.


The garden will soon have coffee trees on display—because they aren’t the most common of plants. They thrive along the equatorial zone known as the “Bean Belt,”  somewhere between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer.

Then, there’s the café. Order a cuppa Kona for yourself—and eat one of the pastries that bakers are rolling out before you (they, too, are behind glass).


Honolulu Coffee, which has shops on Maui, Big Island, and O’ahu, and in Shanghai and Japan, considers this Waikiki location its flagship store.

Images courtesy of Honolulu Coffee