Iconic Art Deco Hotel Reopens

After an extensive renovation, the 1940 Haddon Hall is ready to welcome guests of the 21st century with its old-school charm.

Esther Williams practiced her choreographed swimming routines in Olympic-sized pools. Desi Arnaz led Congo lines on dance floors. Al Capone tucked himself away in cigar lounges. This was Miami Beach of the 1930s and ’40s, when Art Deco buildings arose from the sands.

03 postcard-with-old
After the boom of building, though, came a bust. Had you visited Miami Beach circa 1975, you’d be in for a shocker: 1930s gems retrofitted with 1980s schlock, fading murals, crumbling facades, and neglected zigzags.

02 miami-building-permitsBuilding permits, 1935, from the Miami Beach Digital Archives

But say goodbye to those times. Collins, Washington, and Ocean Avenues are booming big, with many stucco treasures restored to early glamour, the most exciting of which is the recently made-over Haddon Hall, along with the Campton Apartments. These two 1940-built hotels are about ready to fill their terrazzo and original Dade County pine floors with the clickety-clack of new vacationers who will unwind in a beer garden, in the backyard, by the pool, or on the back of a hotel-issued skateboard. The new name is The Hall.

Iconic Art Deco 

The curvilinear design feat of Haddon Hall is the work of the famed Lawrence Murray Dixon, one of the most prolific Miami Beach architects of those two golden decades.

05 Haddon-Hall-curvilinear designxPhoto courtesy of the Miami Design Preservation League

The second most prolific architect, Henry Hohauser, built the stucco Campton Apartments, which also served the military (by becoming a training base during World War II) and the movies (as the house of the main character in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective).

06 Campton_lawnxPhoto courtesy of the Miami Design Preservation League

08 Haddon-Hall-original-terrazzo-floorsxOriginal terrazzo floors, courtesy of the Miami Design Preservation League

09 Haddon-Hall_porchU-shaped porch fitting inside the building contours

10 HH-porch-balustradexBalustrade of the porch of Haddon Hall

11 Haddon_sculpturalSculptural relief panels and glass block

Campton-chevron-reliefsxTrademark Art Deco touches, chevron reliefs, by Dixon and Hohauser

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