Hearts in Strange Places

Whats making us happy today?

Feel-goodbots. Unlike its distant cousins (robots), the 18-inch-tall Kauzbot is a breed full of heart. Each of the different-colored plush toys stands for a specific cause, with 10 percent of the $24.99 price tag supporting kauzes, as the Kauzbots like to say. Kourage, who is purple, raises money for children’s cancer; blue Kruz champions clean water; and yellow Karthy autism. Once gifted, it may also provide an ideal time to have a conversation with the young receiver about social responsibility and charitable causes. Born in Costa Mesa, California in 2008, Kalvin, the oldest of the brood, rotates charities; he is currently supporting childhood homelessness. You can hang out with one or two at Avatar Hotel in Santa Clara, California.