Hand-Drawn Destinations

Every Joie de Vivre Hotel has signature touches that give it a sense of place and make it stand out. It could be a piece of art, a view, or an experience that connects guests to the hotel and the destination. Artist Kelsey DeLange captures the unique spirit of two properties in charming watercolor paintings, highlighting a few of their most memorable features.

Ventana Inn & Spa: Big Sur is a dreamy California wonderland where you find yourself surrounded by wildflowers, ocean waves, incredible sunsets, and hammocks hung beneath towering redwood trees. Really, you can’t forget the hammocks.


Phoenix Hotel: The hip motor lodge pays homage to San Francisco’s rock ‘n’ roll past with funky art, an amazing pool, and a mosaic frog that greets guests at check-in. It’s an oasis with an edge.


About the artist: Kelsey DeLange is the busy little bee behind Honey and the Hive.

She started her design business in 2014 as a way to share her passion for creating art. “I find inspirational art all around me–whether it be nature, the pages of vintage children’s books, or everyday objects and experiences,” she says. “My favorite thing to do is take something that is so often deemed as ‘ordinary’ and to transform it into something that is lively and beautiful.”

All of Kelsey’s lettering is drawn by hand. She loves to explore different ways to draw the same word. “I can spend hours just sketching letters to get the perfect look for a particular piece,” she says. She works primarily in watercolor paints, but also likes to use acrylic from time to time.