This Is How You Want to Listen to Music

Smashed into a stadium with strangers while standing a mile away from the main act, watery beer in hand? Trapped in an artificially lit venue dominated by sticky seats and the scent of bleach? Surely there’s a more comfortable—and innovative—way to relish a concert these days. Behold this summer’s Good Measure Tour II, a clever collaboration between Joie de Vivre Hotels and fellow Bay Area-bred brands Noise Pop and Harken Wines that will bring immersive music experiences to Joie de Vivre properties in New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans.


From June through September, a trifecta of spirited performances will unfold on the surprising, unexpected “stages” of Hotel 50 Bowery, The Marker San Francisco, and The Troubadour. Whether it’s the young, ambitious Skylar Spence redefining pop with his affinity for funk and disco in New York, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band getting down in New Orleans, or San Francisco born-and-bred rock band The Stone Foxes, all these shows take place in upbeat, engaging spaces where folks don’t usually get treated to live performances. Combine that originality with the feel-good nostalgia of your old, teenage-era garage band, and, well, you’ve got Good Measure.


New York: Electronic-meets-pop musician Skylar Spence—formerly known as Saint Pepsi—will head to The Crown, the rooftop lair at Joie de Vivre’s first New York outpost, Hotel 50 Bowery. Take in the sounds of this new-age disco whiz—and the city’s vista from a prime Chinatown perch—while sipping on Harken’s barrel-fermented Chardonnay on June 14.


San Francisco: The Stone Foxes at an Urban Retreat. Good Measure Tour II’s special guest at The Marker San Francisco on August 18 is a California-cool rock band that’s played at Outside Lands, The Fillmore, and beyond – and between the hotel’s Beaux Art backdrop and crafty Campari cocktails served at Tratto, it promises to be an impressive soiree. Pro tip: devote the weekend entirely to culture by attending Noise Pop’s beloved 20th Street Block Party in the Mission District the very next day.


New Orleans: Sky-High Funky Jazz. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band first started performing in the late 1970s, and they’ve been re-imagining straight-up Nola jazz with their funk and bebop elements ever since. At Monkey Board, 17 stories atop Joie de Vivre’s new The Troubadour in the Big Easy’s Central Business District, their rebellious streak is certain to spark a dance party. Worked-up appetites will be rewarded with Phillip Lopez’s food truck-inspired grub. September 14.


Bonus: Good Measure likes to make folks happy, so tickets are free, but extremely limited. RSVP here.

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