Get Your Hands on Some Cold Cash

Looking for a million dollars? Let us show you the way.

We don’t recommend sending the following photo to the IRS: You holding a suitcase packed neatly with a million dollars in $100 denominations. It is possible, though, for you to take that photo at Money Museum, within the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.

The exhibits give a brief, excellent education in currency, particularly counterfeit and other funny money. On display are a real $3 bill and two genuine $10,000 bills. The latter was the highest denomination in circulation until it was decommissioned in 1946.

Good riddance, it’s hard enough getting change for a $20.

Money that is shredded by the Federal Reserve is also up for grabs—take it to go. Next stop is a historic 1920s bank, only it’s been repurposed into The Bedford restaurant in Wicker Park. The walls of the cocktail lounge are lined with original copper safe deposit boxes. A steel door opens to a bank vault. To reserve a table in the vault requires a $500 minimum—shredded money is not accepted. Otherwise, it’s first come, first served.


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