Four Magic Words: All You Can Eat

Usually reserved for Vegas buffets or Lake Wobegon lutefisk suppers, the phrase “all you can eat” is, in Chicago, coming to mean as-good-as-what-you’d-find-in-Naples. La Pizza & La Pasta, one of the restaurants at Eataly, the Italian food superstore on East Ohio Street, is hosting the pizza party to end all pizza parties on Wednesdays: For $22 a person, you and your friends can order as many pizzas as you can finish. The rule is, though, that your table has to finish each pie before the next one arrives. (Eataly’s superhot ovens can turn out a pizza in 90 seconds, so bring lots of friends to make the most of the deal.) You’re also restricted to ordering the eight Neapolitan varieties on the restaurant’s menu. (So? Sounds perfect!) The party starts at 11 a.m. and runs through 10 p.m., so you could, in theory, eat pizza for nearly 11 hours straight. We can think of far worse ways to spend a Wednesday.

© 2013 Galdones Photography/Eataly



pizza-trio-giro-pizza_webPhotos Courtesy of Eataly