What—You Think We’d Forget Dad?

The big day is approaching—June 19th, which is Father’s Day, of course!—and you’re desperately seeking something striking for the guy in your life. Start in the Financial District/Jackson Square area, which in the last couple years morphed into something of a menswear district. But which of the neighborhood’s emporiums would suit your particular dad? (Or husband, or son, or brother.) First, let’s assess the man in question, then we’ll help you pick the right place to shop for him.

1. He gravitates to center stage? Thrives in the limelight? Check out the sequined bomber jackets and Japanese denim suits at Jake Clothing. The store’s founder, Jake Wall, is himself no wallflower—you may recognize him from Project Runway, season 14.

jake_ss2016_hourglass_0663-EditPhoto Courtesy of Jake Clothing

2. He’s restless in the city, always longing to be out on the trail? Recently arrived from Seattle, the rejuvenated “heritage brand” Filson brought along its famous all-weather jackets, which will keep out San Francisco fog just as handily as they fend off Pacific Northwest rains.

3. He loves touring the back roads of California, especially the ones that end up at a beach? Hit up Iron & Resin, the SF outpost of the Ventura-based retailer, for retro boardshorts, cotton commando sweaters, and “Stay Dusty” tees.

_SKH7631Photo Courtesy of Iron & Resin

4. He had his own account at Brooks Brothers before he was old enough to vote, drink, or even drive? Wingtip should be just the ticket—along with tattersall shirts and charcoal pinstripe suits, you’ll find the city’s only fly-fishing tackle shop and a whisky counter to fill all his single-malt needs.

p6843224_1409278480_6Photo Courtesy of Wingtip

5. The only word to describe him is picky? Get him a gift certificate to custom clothier Tailor’s Keep, where he can order himself the perfect wardrobe.

8L7A2731Photo Courtesy of Tailor’s Keep

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