Case File No. 8329

It’s time to escape New York for real. But wait, you say you’re just visiting and you came to enjoy the city. Uh, okay. Whatever. Too bad that Case File No. 8329 is a cold file—and we hate cold files. So it’s time you and your date (a minimum of two people are required) or you and friends (up to 6—even your mom can come) must investigate the clues from the case as part of the adventures staged by Escape Games NYC.

While there are four turnkey quests, including the aforementioned “Case File”—mostly of the whoops-flat-tire-on-the-spaceship and what’s-with-the-creepy-guy-next-door genre—the adventure company will also tailor an adventure. Generally, you and your mates are locked in a room and the clock counts down. Time’s up in 3,600 seconds at which time you will crack the case or else … you’ll never escape.

19-escape-games-nyc-adventures-escapesCourtesy Escape Games NYC

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