Eggnogs With A Spin

A decadent holiday drink gets a mixology makeover.It’s no surprise that one of the most retro spots in Oakland, the checkered-floor Hopscotch restaurant, has done a delicious rendition of ’nog. The Wagon Wheel’s scotch cream and bourbon, balanced with coffee and maple syrup, will warm up your digits nicely.  


The new Game of Thrones menu at the steampunk-ish Blackbird in San Francisco’s Castro, has outdone itself with milk of the poppy. A base of Mexican eggnog, or rompope, is made with rum, blanched almonds, and Giffard Vanille de Madagascar liqueur. Additionally, milk of the poppy is spiked with cognac and Scandinavian mulled wine.


Located in former military barracks, Presidio Social Club is not pouring your regular Navy grog. The café Jalisco is coffee with a kick, courtesy of tequila, chili, and chocolate, topped with whipped cream.


Cabin fever is an affliction that hits Chicago in a big way in the dark days of winter. The remedy? The Cabin Fever Cocktail at the top-of-the-world J. Parker. The apple- and cinnamon-infused whiskey drink with egg garnished with cinnamon zest gives you perspective, as do the rooftop views.


In the Southwest, not only do the palm trees get a holiday makeover with colorful lights, but so does the simple martini. At Scottsdale’s Distrito, it’s made with a Madagascar vanilla liqueur, Baileys Irish Cream, eggnog, and cinnamon agave, served up.

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