Drop The Kids Off at Mickey’s First…

…then check out the Anaheim Packing District—finally, something to do in Anaheim that doesn’t involve mouse ears or princesses. (Not that we don’t like a visit to Disneyland, but, still, variety is the spice of life.) This neighborhood, also known as Center City, spirals out from a former Sunkist orange-packing plant, which was reinvented as a trendy dining hall named, sensibly enough, the Packing House in 2014. (It shares its block with an old Packard automobile showroom—currently housing a brewery and an Umami Burger—and two acres of parkland and a farmers market.)


Now, the developer of the Packing House has finished rehabbing a onetime marmalade factory nearby (remember, this is citrus country!)—only instead of producing sweets, it’ll be turning out spirits. One brewery has already opened in the new MAKE (as the project is called), and additional distilleries and winemakers are expected to follow suit.


Photos by Chet Frohlich