Dive Into a Watering Hole

Original speakeasies are open for a G&T in Sacramento.

“If you couldn’t find a drink in Sacramento, you were dumber than a halfwit.” That was the sentiment during Prohibition, expressed by a reporter for the Sacramento Bee, when the city was one of the wettest around. It had at least 200 saloons in full swing, a handful of which were within half a mile of the main police station. Very bold.

Today, you can visit a couple of them completely legally. The River City Saloon, opened in the 1870s, sold sarsaparilla and alcohol in the 1920s for medicinal reasons, or so it claimed. Visit the saloon on your own, or make it but one stop on the two-hour Old Sacramento Speakeasy Tour, essentially an underground pub crawl held the third Saturday of every month.