Disrupting the Disrupters Artfully

This intriguing exhibit lets people respond to art with their own.

Disruption doesn’t always come in the form of technology. San Jose Museum of Art has invited people to disrupt art in its permanent collection using their own particular disciplines or forms of creativity.

Participants of Momentum: an experiment in the unexpected include a bicycle designer, a dancer, a venture capitalist turned comedian, and a body painter.

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Damien Smith, a principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet, wanted to make the experience of dance more tangible, visual, and lasting. He created a dance in response to the painting “Grenholm” (1965) by Fred Spratt. He dipped his feet in paint and danced, recording his performance on both canvas and video. The exhibit runs until February 22, 2015. Fred-Spratt-painting

Painting Fred Spratt’s “Grenholm,” courtesy of SJMA