Discover the Miracle of Drinking

Once upon a time, not so long ago, in the city of the brave and of the bars, New York, in a little village called East Village, Greg Boehm, decided to create a kitschy temple to all-things-Father-Christmas within his new bar Mace. This wasn’t a completely insane idea: It ’twas the season. Drinkers dashed through the snow, flocking into the 9th Street bar from all over. A Miracle was born.

Courtesy Miracle / Melissa Hom photo

Rather than keeping the Miracle confined to one place, Boehm now partners with bars around the world and duplicates the concept. Core cocktails are served at all locations, of which there are now 80. Miracle has also birthed a beach bum: Sippin’ Santa which christmasizes Tiki. Try a holiday concoction at one of our favorite locations until December 31st. 

Courtesy Miracle/ Sebastian Heck photo

New York

Open the door to Mace on 9th Street and you’re in the original. It, along with Miracle on 12th Street, also Mace, set the holidays afire. Because “Jingle Balls Nog” spikes the ‘nog with the sleepy-time cognac and sherry, this is a fine nightcap. Just around the corner is a Sippin’ Santa at Boilermaker bar, which Hawaiianizes the bourbon milk punch with chai syrup, sarsaparilla, and tobacco bitters.

Courtesy Miracle/ Sebastian Heck photo


Archipelago is a hit of tropics right in The District. Add an extra dash of ho-ho-ho with “Kris Kringle Colada” or the rum- and amaro-based “Sippin’ Santa.”

Courtesy Miracle/ Sebastian Heck photo


For a Miracle on Magothy Beach, hit up Point Pleasant’s Mutiny Pirate Bar & Island Grille. The prosecco and gin alone in the “Run Run  Rudolph” shouldn’t give you a red nose. But the shots, Naughty and Nice, just might, especially if you down them both.

Courtesy Miracle/ Randy Schmidt photo

San Francisco Bay Area

California’s weather is more friendly to the “Snowball Old –Fashioned,” than the aforementioned (colder) locations. It’s made with gingerbread bourbon, wormwood bitters and lemon zest. San Francisco’s Pacific Cocktail Haven will be pouring as will Miracle on 1st Street at San Jose’s Paper Plane.