Creatures Big and Small

What’s making us happy today?

Show-quality koi. You may find out how little you really know about koi upon entering Laguna Koi, a retail store and information hub for enthusiasts, as well as the plain curious. Originally bred by the Japanese for aesthetic appeal, koi (the common carp) come in hundreds of colors with a multitude of price tags. This store covers the gamut. How about a 15-inch Shiro Utsuri for $1,500?


Pachyderm packages. When’s the last time you got the chance to tuck an African elephant in for the night? At the 51-acre Monterey Zoo in Salinas, visitors who sign up for Butch’s Bedtime package can escort Butch and his menagerie to the heated barns, where they are then fed bedtime snacks. Tours start around 5 p.m. Early to bed, early to rise. This is not your regular zoo, but a rescue facility for exotic and wild animals with many unusual tours.

African-elephant_photo-Skip-RussellPhoto by Skip Russell via Flickr


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