Watching The Clock

Here’s an excellent excuse for us art-lovers to book a last-minute trip to New Orleans: Christian Marclay’s Clock is running at the Contemporary Art Center through December 4. The video installation, which runs for 24 straight hours, is an assemblage of brief film clips taken from thousands of movies domestic and foreign, modern and period—every clip at some point incorporating a clock or watch that corresponds to the local time at the installation’s venue. But it’s not merely a series of static shots: The montage includes car chases, ER scenes, gun battles, love scenes…all the stuff of everyday (cinematic) life. The Clock has been incredibly popular—some 40,000 visitors saw it at New York City’s MoMA in 2013, people lined up for hours to catch it at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art later that year, and its 2011 run at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art was such a success that LACMA screened it again in 2015—so grab the chance to see it now. Hurry up—the clock is ticking!

clock exhibit contemporary art center new orleans



Photos Courtesy of Christian Marclay, The Clock, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York, 2011. © Christian Marclay. Courtesy Paula Cooper Gallery, New York

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