February in Chicago: A Five-Point Plan

Earlier this month, that pestiferous Pennsylvania rodent emerged from his burrow to predict (by actions if not by words) that spring won’t arrive for another six weeks. With that in mind, we came up with five strategies for coping with the news—and with the rest of February:

Denial: Imagine that it’s spring already, and that flowers are blooming all around you. Orchids, to be precise. The Chicago Botanic Garden can help with that: From February 11 through March 26, the Orchid Show takes over the garden’s Regenstein Center.

chicago february art eventsCourtesy of Chicago Botanic Garden

Distraction: A joint venture of the inquiring minds at the Curious Theatre Branch and Prop Thtr, the 30-plus experimental productions (from musicals to one-act plays to cabaret to a “movement lecture”) that make up this year’s Rhinoceros Theater Festival should do the trick.

chicago february art eventsCourtesy of Curious Theatre Branch

Drink: Try any (or all) of the 40 craft brews being poured at the third annual Frost Fest, on February 25, from the big guys (Samuel Adams’s Fresh As Helles) to the up-and-coming (Chicago’s own LaGrow Organic IPA). Yes, the event is held in a big tent pitched out on the street on the corner of Waveland and North Broadway, but at least it’s heated.

chicago february art eventsCourtesy of Northalsted Business Alliance

More denial: Pretend that you’re not here at all—you’re down in the Big Easy, collecting Mardi Gras beads. On February 18, join the BeadQuest Mardi Gras Bar Crawl through nearly two dozen drinking establishments in Wrigleyville.

Or just give in: Embrace February by taking a walking tour with Chicago Elevated. Yes, a walking tour. In winter. Given that the tour is called the Badass Winter Tour, you can guess what you’re in for: being outdoors. Stops include the Millennium Park, Maggie Daley Park, the lakefront…and indoors “warming breaks” when necessary. Wear mittens and scarves!

chicago february art eventsCourtesy of Chicago Elevated

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